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PhotoSpin Fires Up Their Collection With A Myriad of People Images by Scott Griessel

SAN PEDRO, Calif. - April 23, 2010 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription is thrilled to introduce Scott Griessel as this month's Meet The Artist. Scott has been in the media business for 26 years, most of that working as a producer/director for film/video and multimedia. He was also an ad/communications agency partner and creative director for many years working on accounts such as Volkswagen, Saab, Mercedes-Benz, and Freightliner. In 2006 he completed a feature documentary film called "The Asphalt Gospel."

Scott's interest in photography was sparked while he was working as a creative director doing catalogs and industry magazines for some of the car companies. Around 2005 Scott combined all of his talents and started his new company, Creatista, with his wife, Anna, adding photography to mix. Although he still handles video production and directs and edits lots of projects, photography has become an increasingly important service at Creatista. In addition to working with several local and regional clients, Creatista also works with many not-for-profit agencies. To add to Scott's many accomplishments, he has done campaigns for the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, shot the PR photos for the Beowulf Alley Theatre in Tucson, completed work nationally for SADD as well as the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts and many others. Scott really enjoys working on projects that allow him to use his skills toward a good cause.

Scott started doing stock photography about 3 years ago as a supplement to his income as well as for fun and it has since grown to be an increasingly important part of his business. With his background as a director, he particularly likes working with actors. The vast majority of his shoots include people. Stock photography allows him the opportunity to set up an interesting situation and just sort of play in a photographic sense. Since he was a creative director for so many years, he believes he has a sense of what people want.

"My favorite thing about photography is working with people. I've never been particularly into the equipment. Even though I have great gear, I tend to work with whatever is at hand to help my subjects bring a personality to life in the frame. My background directing projects for film and video has given me a healthy respect for actors and models. I like to develop a character and sort of roll with it. I spend a lot of time looking at faces and trying to grab micro-expressions before they fade away or suddenly change. Photography allows me to freeze a moment...happy or sad, comedic or serious", says Scott Griessel of Creatista.

Scott's images can be purchased either individually or through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

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