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Multi-talented artist, Hermin Utomo, Joins PhotoSpin

SAN PEDRO, Calif., July 2, 2014 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription adds a wide variety of vector illustrations to their growing collection by multi-talented artist, Hermin Utomo. Hermin resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. He creates stock illustrations for a living along with other works in literature and photography. He has the advantage of not working from a fixed office and enjoys working from a variety of places including his home, cafes, outdoors and while waiting for his child to get out of school. Hermin began creating illustrations experimentally two years ago and that experience turned out to be a major shift in his portfolio. Currently, nearly all his submissions are illustrations. Hermin's creative illustrations range from current concepts to comedy and everything in between. You'll be sure to find a graphic for your projects in his amazing collection.

"Illustration allows the artist to create anything they can imagine, the only limit is yourself. This is why two years ago I shifted most on my work to illustration," says Hermin Utomo.

Hermin's images can be accessed through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

If you are an artist and would like to be represented by PhotoSpin please visit our contributing artists' page to learn more.