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Anna Pavlova Joins PhotoSpin's Team of Creative Illustrators

SAN PEDRO, Calif., April 16, 2014 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription introduces talented illustrator, Anna Pavlova. Anna's interest in drawing began in childhood and continued through her school days, when she often drew different animals, landscapes, and a variety of other things in a notebook. She is formally educated as a manager in the social sphere but she always dreamed about being an artist. When her parents and friends didn't take her dream seriously, it motivated her to take action and pursue her dream. She made the decision to refuse boring office work and become a stock illustrator. Anna taught herself how to create illustrations and she continues to study digital art. At first, she thought that drawing, retouching, and photo manipulation would become her favorite hobby. Today, it's stock illustration she favors and, thus, has become her business. She feels there is no limitation for self-improvement and embraces the opportunity to improve her design skills and develop new ones. Her dynamic imagination shines through in her beautifully detailed illustrations.

"I think development of creative thinking helps to keep your mind clear and open for all new. I very much like to make illustrations! I love the process of making difficult illustrations when they need a lot of objects. It's pretty interesting to make them from simple photos of flowers from my garden fantasy scenes with magic lights and fairies. I have lots of ideas in my mind and I want to realize them," says Anna Pavlova.

Anna's images can be accessed through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

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