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PhotoSpin Introduces Ukrainian Photographer, Sergii Kolesnyk

SAN PEDRO, Calif., November 1, 2013 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription proudly introduces Ukrainian photographer, Sergii Kolesnyk. Sergii first became interested in photography as a child. He thanks his father for the introduction as he loved watching him manifest film and prepare chemicals for developing and fixing photo paper. Once the era of film was over, Sergii bought his first digital camera and immediately realized that he had found his calling in the photography business. He loved the work and the freedom it provided and began working long hours, devoting himself fully to his photography. Today, stock photography has become Sergii's family business with his wife helping and inspiring him. Until recently they were shooting exclusively objects, but now they are shooting landscape photography as well. Landscape photography is their dream, enabling them to add travel to their passion and see the world. They love the freedom and pleasant experiences it has allowed them.

"In one of the most beautiful days I have learned that I can sell my photos," says Sergii Kolesnyk.

Sergii's images can be accessed through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

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