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Holi-Daze Contest Winner, Claudia Balasoiu, Becomes A PhotoSpin Contributing Artist

SAN PEDRO, Calif.- January 28, 2013 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription is delighted to introduce Romanian illustrator, Claudia Balasoiu. Claudia was born in Romania and is currently living in the country's capital city of Bucharest. Her diverse professional background includes working in a number of advertising agencies, at a newspaper, and as a news editor at a radio station. Claudia is a self-taught illustrator who loves to create things mostly for the joy of doing so and finds joy in the process. Her passion bloomed as she taught herself how to use graphics programs through watching internet tutorials which she found to be an incredibly satisfying and rewarding process. Claudia turned her passion into a profession by becoming an illustrator nearly 10 years ago and began freelancing during the last two years. Currently her work consists mostly of children's illustrations and she hopes to one day publish a children's coloring book. Claudia chose the field of children's illustrations because she says that children know how to enjoy the smallest things, things that most grownups have forgotten.

"Life is not about weathering the storms, but about dancing in the rain," says Claudia Balasoiu.

Claudia's images can be accessed through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

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