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PhotoSpin Introduces Industry Renowned Artist, Bill Fleming

SAN PEDRO, Calif.- August 29, 2012 - PhotoSpin,, a leading provider of stock photography by subscription is proud to introduce their multi-talented new artist, Bill Fleming. Bill has been an entrepreneur for the last 30 years and, while he has owned a number of companies in a variety of industries, his true passion has always been art. He began creating digital art back in the early days of personal computers, pushing one pixel at a time, and then turned his sights to 3D animation when the Amiga became popular. Bill responded to the hundreds of emails in his inbox a day from artists asking questions about 3D animation by writing 11 books on the topic. His first two books, 3D Photorealism and the 3D Creature Workshop, became the two best-selling 3D books the year they were released. He now has over one million books and magazines in print worldwide and is an icon in the computer graphics industry. In addition to writing and designing graphics, Bill trained most of the major studios on the principles and application of photorealism and consulted on hundreds of computer games, films and television projects over the years. He eventually retired from the business in 2001 to spend time with his family. Bill has always been a big fan of animated cartoons, particularly the work of Warner Brothers, and had the good fortune of being friends with the legendary Chuck Jones. His work today consists mainly of cartoon style illustrations with a great deal of detail and depth. With all the stress and chaos of the world today Bill finds illustrating cartoons to be quite soothing. One of Bill's favorite things to do with his illustrations is build a world around a particular shape. For example, his recent Christmas illustrations are based upon the shape of gumdrops. When his gumdrop inspiration is exhausted we'll be sure to see more whimsical worlds built around new shapes. Bill's efforts these days are to develop inspiring digital illustrations and share with the community how to do it. He will be releasing several digital illustration tutorial books next year in the hopes of providing the groundwork for the development of whimsical imaginations of artists around the world. One of Bill's principle foundations of his work is quantity with quality as he never believed in the need for a sacrifice to achieve one or the other. Antonio De Lorenzo, Editor-in-Chief of Computer Grafica Magazine and 3D Professional, wrote: Bill Fleming teaches that it's not important to search for the treasure at the end of the rainbow but rather to harness the rainbow and paint your own treasures. And that is exactly what Bill does, he creates treasures.

"While I have explored nearly every art medium available I find digital illustration to be the most freely expressive medium. It is without limits and I for one don't believe in limits. It's not simply about painting illustration but also stretching the boundaries of the medium by exploring new techniques that are only available to the digital illustrator. I have created whimsical illustrations using photos of candy like clay and rendered surreal illustrations using fruit and vegetables; the resulting illustrations showing little indication of how they were created. There is something truly rewarding about being able to realize my imagination so readily and share it with the world; to be able to tell a story through illustration - a story that inspires the viewer and ignites their imagination," says Bill Fleming.

Bill's images can be accessed through a PhotoSpin subscription service.

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