Write Specific Image Descriptions and Get Your Images Noticed!

The image description field is a very important tool that contains most of the keywords used in image searches. The descriptions should describe the image as much as possible. When a customer is searching for a specific image such as the New York skyline, the words 'New York skyline' become the key search terms and the description field is the first read field in the search. Thus, the images containing the words New York skyline in the description will be the first to appear in the search results. Many artists try to get cute with their descriptions thinking it will get their images noticed when in fact it does the opposite. In some cases they turn the descriptions into titles such as 'Magic of Broadway' or It's My Kind of Town which will cause the images to result in a lower return than if they used image specific keywords. The images will get buried and, in some instances, become the result of a search for an unrelated image. For instance, when a customer performs a search using the keywords small town or magic, they will be frustrated when the search results bring up a man performing a magic trick or a barn out in the country instead of images depicting the New York skyline.

Your images deserve specific descriptions to get them noticed. To get the best search results stay away from cute titles and put in descriptions that fit your images. Using cute titles and descriptions not specific to your images will only frustrate you and our clients.

Here are some solutions that will help you gain better search results:
1. Write specific descriptions- If the image is of a young couple embracing describe it as a young couple embracing.  Do not title it puppy love.
2. Use the correct names, etc. - Name the city or landmark. If the image is of Mount Rushmore then name it as such. Do not describe the photo as 'American Heroes'.

As you can see, descriptions are very important and affect the way your images come up in searches. Thus, the more targeted information you can provide in describing your images the better. So, please do the New York skyline justice and describe it as such. Customers looking for images of the New York skyline will appreciate it and your images will have a better chance of getting sold if they can be found with ease.

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