Stock Photography

Stock Photography

Stock Photography

Stock photography is famous for beefing up visual communication messages. In a single glance an ad with a stock photo can say so much more than text alone, and even more powerful when combined with a headline. A stock photo can be subtle in delivery or shout out a bold statement, either way stock photography will definitely help to get attention for your communication piece.

People, Places, or Things
All are available as stock photography and graphic designers just can never get enough. Design studios tend to have huge collections of stock photography that they’ve purchased over the years yet they are continuously looking for something new. The professional designer is always on the lookout for the next trend and this includes stock photography.

With the Advent of the Internet, Stock Photography Online has Become Abundant
There are many choices: royalty-free, rights managed, and subscription based services. These online galleries offer thousands upon thousands of images, a variety of business models, and even specialty collections. Designers may select from thousands of options, at faster download speeds than ever before. The quality, clarity and selection of imagery has never been better. It has actually made using photography and even illustrations easier than ever before with its instantaneous downloads. is just such a website. The company is located along the ocean in sunny Southern California where their site serves up images to designers throughout the world. PhotoSpin was one of the first companies to offer royalty-free images via subscription whereby subscribers pay a simple annual fee and are able to go online and download photos, illustrations or fonts whenever they need an image. The company guarantees its quality as being the highest in the industry and their goal is to deliver quality beyond their customers’ expectations. They boast the highest renewal rate of subscribers within the industry and are especially known for their friendly and helpful customer service. has 20,000 Plus Unique Stock Photos, Illustrations and Fonts Immediately Available Online
They also add over 400 new images each month for subscribers to use. This includes illustrations and fonts, too, something also unique to PhotoSpin. Typically users would have to subscribe to a variety of sites in order to get access to all three types of media but PhotoSpin rolls it all into one nice subscription package.

Plus, images are available for download not only in JPEG format, (the industry standard), but also in TIF, which allows for repeated editing, and saving, with no loss of quality. JPEG files are compressed, and every time you open them, make a change and save them, they're compressed a little tighter. Each compression results in a loss of quality. TIF files, on the other hand, remain as quality-fresh the hundredth time you save the image as they were when you downloaded them brand-spanking new. is one of the few image banks to offer both options to users.

Different design projects require different file formats. Presentations use low-res jpeg images, web sites prefer low-res gif images, and print projects require high resolution, high quality tiff images for the best possible quality. Unlike most subscription royalty-free image sites, PhotoSpin offers super large sized files big enough for posters (17 inches at 300 dpi) – this is perfect for people who are creating banners, trade show materials, and other oversized print materials.

PhotoSpin: Quality Care
PhotoSpin’s customers continually commend the company on its easygoing, relaxed, but always efficient customer service –maybe that’s why they continually renew their annual subscriptions. PhotoSpin may not have the biggest image library available in the market today – but they seem to have the right combination of quality images, quality services, and the photos or illustrations just right for their customers. More isn’t always better if the quality isn’t there. PhotoSpin is dedicated to the photographers, illustrators, and font designers who create product for them as well as the designers who subscribe and use their products. Customer service is always available by phone, by email, or even in person if you feel like swinging by the beach in Long Beach, California.