PhotoSpin began humbly. In 1996, an eclectic group of entrepreneurial Southern Californians formed PhotoSpin after becoming discouraged with the photography and graphic sharing outlets on the Internet. They put together a package of over 60 CD ROMs full of amazing material and provided content for publishers. Yet they weren't satisfied with their initial successes--so they put together the even more expansive and acclaimed Kai's Power Photos.

They moved onto packaging a Premier Series, which featured some dazzling work by up-and-coming artists and professional photographers. Even after the success of their Premier Series, the PhotoSpin founders realized they could do more. Thus, they created a unique four-tiered subscription service to allow graphic artists and creative types to access material ad hoc at a much discounted rate.

Create Your Next Digital Masterpiece

PhotoSpin now offers web and print appropriate packages for only $299 year. This digitally-savvy subscription service lets you choose from over 20,000 unique illustrations and photos, movie clips, and sound files in both WAV and MP3 formats, and fonts. If you are interested in using royalty-free photography in large print files, PhotoSpin's Super subscription is perfect for you. This $499 a year subscription service gives you unprecedented access to over 20,000 pieces of art, illustrations, and photographs, and lets you print up to 17 inches on the long side.

So whether you're designing a brochure for a nationwide print ad, photo-shopping the next digital masterpiece, or simply fooling around with some creative friends, you should check out the subscriptions services. You can also purchase individual files for download, but it's probably more cost-effective to sign up for a service. Sign up on or contact a representative to get started.