Articles is a self-described online community of artists and photographers. Photosig is a relatively unmanaged site, which lets users submit and evaluate photography without much oversight. Together with its sister site provides the same service for visual has earned relatively decent evaluations from professional photographers.

However, if you really want a top-caliber creative art resource, with guaranteed model releases, you should turn to This service, which was founded in 1996 by some of the most brilliant artistic minds in Southern California, provides an enormous cache of downloadable art, illustrations, photos, film clips, audio clips, and fonts. You can organize images right on the site through something called a Lightbox, which enables you to manage your images, e-mail them to friends or clients, and retain your pictures for six months even after your subscription lapses.

A Better Way to Get Royalty-Free Photos
You can also create new Lightboxes based on your search results, rename them as you see fit, and ultimately, develop as many Lightboxes as you want. PhotoSpin can open you up to a wide range of images. Some of their most popular stock photos include pictures of animals, food, nature, technology and computers, children, and finance.

Graphic designers, web designers, and even artistic journeymen with little experience in computer art can use this photo service easily. The customer service center is located in Southern California, and their more than capable staff can assist with technical questions about all sorts of graphic apps, ranging from Adobe Photoshop CS to Macromedia Dreamweaver to Microsoft PowerPoint.