Getty Images sells itself as one of the globe's preeminent providers of multimedia creative content. Yet although many professionals do use Getty Image services to download both royalty-free and rights-managed material, they aren't the only solution out there. In fact, many clients use multiple services including subscription services like for cheaper alternatives to high-quality royalty-free material.

Whereas only a few years ago, the royalty-free stock photography pool was rather small--and thus graphic design artists and print ad creators were forced to borrow and reborrow the same images--today, you can find nearly 20,000 unique images at The site builds on its archive every month. If you don't see a kind of photo or style of artwork, you can always contact the PhotoSpin team for creative assistance.

Try a More Creative Royalty-Free Photo Service at
Since PhotoSpin was founded by both tech entrepreneurs and artists, the company is in a unique position of being able to provide insight into both the graphic design process and technical software questions. So whether you have questions regarding which types of resolutions are best with your application or you have support questions regarding Adobe Photoshop CS, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, or other such software, you can get help from a PhotoSpin representative.

The company also does on-demand custom photography as well as "spinoffs." You can maintain a Lightbox at PhotoSpin to store relevant info from your search results, share all or part of your collection over e-mail, and even experiment with the service for free. Without a doubt, the images at rival anything that you could find at Getty Images.